Tellaro, ancient and evocative village right by the sea, probably of Etruscan origin, just 3 km. away from Lerici, hosts the typical little square renowned for hanging out around which many shops gather too and the historical centre which clings entirely onto the rock.


Narrow streets underneath almost continuous archways entirely connected to one another converge into the little square opposite the marina right by the sea.

Surrounding the little church, which stands on top of a cliff straight into the sea like a ship ready to sail, you will see picturesque houses built closely to one another.


In Tellaro the main road stops in the little square. Beyond the latter rocks overlooking the sea are there to protect the intimacy of wide, wild and unspoilt beaches: the "spiaggioni", ideal for lovers of freedom and stillness.

A few steps away from Tellaro and towards Lerici, behind a thriving cliff full of atolls and ravines, fauna's paradise, stand Fiascherino's beaches: such an outstanding beauty, an explosion of emotions which can be hardly described, an almost surreal atmosphere  hovering between heaven and earth. Infact famous poets and writers, like Byron , Shelley and Stanley, just to name a few, once landed here, never wanted to look back.

Only God knows what would have become of Tellaro if a legendary octopus hadn't woken up all the inhabitants of the village, playing the parish church bells and allowing its people to defeat the Saracens!


Legend tells that Tellaro, nowadays a quiet village  reflected in the waters of the Ligurian sea between Lerici and Bocca di Magra, was once attracting pirates and buccaneers who didn't dislike at all sudden incursions onto the coast with the purpose of sacking and maybe kidnapping the women of the village. Tellaro itself is the village being built by the survivors of Barbazzano, the latter a village completely destroyed by pirates.


If it's true that only ruins remain of Barbazzano to this date, it's a completely different story, a much luckier fate, for Tellaro, so as to make Turin born literary man Mario Soldati, who spent the last part of his life here, claim that " Tellaro is like a nirvana suspended between the sea and the sky, the rocks and the green mountain".

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