The Palmaria island stands in front of the ancient village of Portovenere forming a little archipelago together with Tino and Tinetto islands and it is the only inhabited island in Liguria.


Tino, the second biggest island after Palmaria, is renowned for its church worshipping Saint Venerio. All the island is military zone only and access is denied except on a particular day of festivity celebrating the Saint (on the 13th of September). Here on the island the remains of the ancient abbey exist, and right where the abbey was built the body of Venerio was retrieved too. The saint was actually born in the Palmaria island but died in Tino's during his hermitage.


Tinetto's little island, lacking vegetation, preserves ancient proofs which confirm the existence of religious communities.


Palmaria is the most well known amongst the three islands when it comes down to tourism. Infact it's a most desired holiday resort where tourists land to enjoy Pozzale's beautiful beach with rocky backdrops reachable only via sea by ferry boats.


The outstanding Pozzale's beach with its levigated stones, surrounded by a magnificient unspoilt natural scenery, is the ideal spot for a gorgeous swim into pure crystal waters.


One of the many highlights of the islands are represented by its numerous caves, the most famous being the "Grotta Azzurra", the second most famous being the "Grotta dei Colombi" where human remains belonging to the paleolithic era have been digged up. Finally it is worth mentioning the path of the condemned, a steep climb into our Mediterranean scrub descending towards the pier facing Porto Venere.

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