Portovenere, declared to be a UNESCO heritage site  because of its unique blend of natural beauty and historical value, with its picturesque multi coloured little houses attached to one another, is a little gem in the middle of the sea (it's infact a promontory) located at the far end of The Gulf of La Spezia.


Together with its islands, above all the Palmaria island, it is there to represent an imaginary line defining the Gulf of the Poets extreme boundary. One amongst Porto Venere's many captivating spellbinding spots is the so called "Byron's cave", inspired by a XIX century's great English poet, lord Byron itself.


A little higher than the cave stands the ancient church of St. Peter, beautiful and imposing, dominating over the sea below. St. Peter's is also mentioned by the outstanding poet Eugenio Montale in his charming poem dedicated entirely to Porto Venere. Finally, besides appearing in many adverts of national interest, it is also showing up in the recent Audi's ad and in Tim's adverts during the 2000s.




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