Sarzana stands a few kilometers away from the estuary of the river Magra, at the foot of Sarzanello's hill. At the heart of its historical centre, next to Saint Andrew's church, traces of the ancient "Roman Castrum" are still visible.


To this date Sarzana preserves its original medioeval site     image, despite the latest fortification works due to containing measures such as walls, towers and mostly to the building of the "Cittadella", all of which drastically changed the urban layout, the architecture of the primitive village, dominated by the massive "Firmafede fortress".


Sarzana's gastronomy mirrors, with just a few minor variations, Ligurian and Lunigianese cuisines, and it's represented in particular by its oven baked products such as "farinata" (chickpeas paste), "focacce" (italian type of oven baked bread) and "testaroli" (flour paste based). However Sarzana is widely renowned for the exceptionality of its typical home made cake, the "spongata", a puff pastry based sweet filled up with honey, apple marmalade, dried fruit and lot more. In just one word, simply yummy!




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